Author Sakhile Mogale

The adage' Survival of the Fittest' would be said to be almost 'obsolete' as nowadays it's really all about the mental strength one has and how they interact with those around them. In essence it's not about survival of the fittest in the physical sense, but it is more appropriate to place that statement to the survival of the person who mostly uses what he/she has to their advantage while at the same time not losing sight of people one works with and interacts with daily. I am an individual who treasures the interactions I have with clients, etc, as I am of the firm belief that the way you treat someone is directly proportional to how they will conduct themselves around you. I am passionate about words and how they influence the things we say. They are the backbone of all that we express whether written or spoken. They are the reason we express ourselves a certain way and have certain nuances. The wonders never cease to amaze me.

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