Celebrating Strong Women with Mpho Mashita’s Q&A

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The definition of a woman has evolved with greater purpose and respect for the female species. Women are now seen for exactly what they are: Powerful leaders , strong willed, Achievers in their field of work, motivators , influencers , the heart of every household and the jack of trades. Mpho Mashita is one of the many hard working and influential women who have earned their title in both the professional and personal sphere.

After meeting and working with her at an event early this month i can confidently say “She is an amazing human being”. Making dreams come true is never easy but once one finds that of which makes them happy, they bound to be a conquer. “My faith is anchored in the hope that God and I navigate through life from that point view ” says Mpho Mashita.

Q: Tell me about yourself. Who is Mpho Mashita ?

I am a young woman who grew up in seshego a township North west of the city of Polokwane. Growing up i was a reserved child who always wanted to be left alone to her reading and imagination. I loved reading manuals. Whenever a new gadget or equipment was bought, I was that kid who sat down and went through the manual to try understand how it worked.

When watching TV I enjoyed adverts more than the actual content on TV and the Generations soapy introduced me to the world of Ad Agencies and for once I saw something that I could somehow relate to. Little did I know that I would find my way into the Creative Industry. I am currently a Writer, Radio host at Capricorn FM and MC.

Q: Can you tell me about the moment you decided you wanted to be radio Host ?


I went to audition for a News reading position at at Univen Community Radio Station and got the job. I transitioned to Presenting when my Programmes Manager and Marketing Manager challenged me to it. The rest is history as they say.

Q: Was radio your first career choice. If not, what was ?

I honestly had no idea which career path to follow. As life unfolded I landed in different career fields were i fit in. I believe that I am multi-faceted and I am not meant for one industry or one job. Writing is first and best tool that i use to express anything. My blog is where i write about a myriad topics that are near to my heart. mphomashita.wordpress.com. I am also a contributor for Moon Look Magazine which is based in Paris France. I have written for Animation and worked on 2 Animated Series. I’m co-creating an African influenced Animated Short Film with The Storyteller Pod. I’m also on the verge of releasing my very first kiddies book. I MC events – Its something i really enjoy doing and it is how I network & form relationships.


Q: As a young women in the media industry what would you say was your greatest lesson ?

My greatest lesson has been to believe in my gift but to also work on improving it. Our industry is fast paced, always looking for the next best thing that will bring in the numbers. So you are as good as your last show, you could be in today and out tomorrow. It’s the nature of the industry so that can damage fragile egos, so it’s important to reaffirm yourself and to improve yourself.

Q: What is the best thing about being a radio Host ?

Creating engaging content together with the team and Manager and then executing it. Sometimes it morphs into something you never imagined and sometimes it falls flat! I love connecting with our audience, they become a part of our lives. I look forward to working the host of the show, he is awesome to work with and the entire team is just a marvelous.

Q: Who would you say is your favorite guest on your show and why ?


Wow There have been too many to count but I really enjoyed my conversation with Mmabatho Montsho when we talked about her Women on Sex Series. It felt like I was talking to my girlfriend! I also enjoyed having Vusi Thembekwayo in studio and we hosted a few entrepreneurs for breakfast with him. He was so gracious and generous with his time and knowledge. I always looked forward to talking Finance with Makwe Masilela weekly. Mbuyiseni Ndlozi was a great light and personal interview. I have also enjoyed each and every entrepreneur we have had on the show.

Q: Who or what motivates you and why?

I am motivated by a gentle voice within that keeps telling me give more of myself because in my mind and heart I already have the end picture and there is no way I can give up until it’s realized. I’ve come to also appreciate the journey with its’ twists and turns.

Q: Are you currently reading a book. Which book is it ?


I’m currently reading a book by Princess Tsakani Nkambule titled from the bedroom to the boardroom. It’s a book that encourages women to aspire to sit on boards and it also has great advice on work, business and life.

Q: What do you think needs to be changed in the industry and how ?

In the entertainment industry a lot of times it centres around finances and contracts. Some clauses are not in the best interest of the Artist and Freelancers but the company and compensation can be extremely appalling at times. Companies in the Entertainment Industry need to just make a decision to act better towards Artists and Freelancers.

Q: As an Influencer what advice would you give to the young women of this country ?

To keep up-skilling yourself in your line of work, to educate yourself about money and how to grow and keep it, to believe in themselves and re-affirm themselves and to speak up against issues they are uncomfortable with.

Q: Where do you see yourself in 5 years from now ?

Radio will always be a part of me but in 5 years I will have a couple of kids books to my name and also created a legacy of African influenced kids content in different formats. I will have partnered with like-minded people to bring a positive change to young people from rural areas and assist to launch them in new industrious platforms. In 5 years I would have established myself as an authority in one of the two above mentioned areas and will be speaking to different audiences about this. In 5 years I will be making moves to cross over to 2 other industries as a key player (I can’t mention them now because I don’t want to jinx it).

Q: Looking at the current labour status of women in our country , what do you think needs to be done to improve the inequality in all industries?

Companies need to decide to pay women and men who are doing the same job equally, changing unconscious biases is going to be a journey.

Q: If you could see one change for the world one change in the world for the next generation, what would you hope it to be?

To be create and innovate. To build legacies and to design social solutions

Q: What’s that one experience you would like to have before you grow old?

To travel more with my family. To create a life that allows me to be present.

Q: What advice would you give to people who would like to work in the media industry?

Start somewhere, find a community Radio Station, Community TV Channel or Community Newspaper to hone your skill. Keep at it, keep improving yourself and in no time you can’t be ignored.




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