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The Tsonga people also known as Shangaan are a small ethnic group in the nguni group. Tsonga’s are commonly found in Limpopo and in some parts of Mpumalanga. Some Tsonga’s are situated in Mozambique and Zimbabwe. As in case in most cases for African villages they are led by a chief. With their beautiful and Bright Clothing and their unique culture.


Quick Facts About the Tsonga Culture

  1. Most Tsonga people organised a small and independent chieftoms which are inheritance by brothers and sons.
  2. Ixtsonga traditional wear has revolutionized from colour to print, design and style. Tsonga people are known for the bright colour attires.
  3. The traditional wear for women include the Xitsonga Ixibelani, Motjeka, miceka , doek, Vuhlalu (Neckpiece), Yele(t-shirt), Nkhamu (Belt) and Ti queeni (The Queens).
  4. The Tsonga people are called Vatsonga
  5. Tsonga is an official language in South africa but not in Swaziland.
  6. Their food incude Xigugu, Tihove , Tshopi, Xigwimbi,Vukanyi (Alcohol) and Matomani (mopani worms).

Source : BuzzSouthAfrica 


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