Show on transgender kids, too much?


What is it like to be in the earliest stages of life but to feel a disconnect between your body and your sense of self? As transgender visibility continues to increase in mainstream society, NBC News takes a look at some of the youngest members of the transgender community: children. In a two-part special titled “Transgender Kids,” slated to air this week, NBC’s Katie Snow will share the stories of 5-year-old Jacob Lemay and 8-year-old Malisa Phillips, two children transitioning to live as their authentic selves. The perspectives of the pair’s parents will also be a prominent part of the special. “I want him to know how proud I am of him,” Jacob’s mother says in the above video, “how brave I believe he is and how no matter what I am in his corner and I love him and always will. Because he’s my son.” “Transgender Kids” will air in two parts on NBC Nightly News, Tuesday April 21 and Wednesday, April 22. Want to read more inspiring stories about transgender children? Check out this rap a young trans kid wrote and shared about his identity.


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