Taungana Africa Empowers Rural School Girls Through STEM

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Taungana Africa STEM Ambassadors

Rebuilding Africa to become what we as a nation want it to be means starting from scratch. This includes teaching leadership, mentoring the youth to become better leaders, adjusting our constitution & laws , teaching the youth about economy, business and management as well as making all careers equal by involving young girls in the industries .Empowering our youth is one of the many ways we can bring about change in the continent.

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Sandra Tererai Founder of Taungana Africa

Taungana Africa is a movement that empowers rural African high school girls with the opportunity to access and explore Science, Technology, Engineering, Entrepreneurship & Math (STEM). It is founded by Sandra Tererai. Sandra is a food scientist who is passionate about financial independence for women through powerful careers in the fields of STEM and entrepreneurship.

STEM is an educational program developed to prepare primary and secondary students for college and graduate study in the fields of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). In addition to subject-specific learning, STEM aims to foster inquiring minds, logical reasoning, and collaboration skills.

Breaking the stereotypes of men owning boardrooms and executive positions means grooming young girls into great leaders . Women need to be recognised in all industries and organisations such as Taungana Africa have established programs that will groom young girls into powerful leaders with in the science and technology industries.

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Their goals include:

  • Fellowship Program: A high school fellowship that is initiated by the flagship STEM Expo, a one week multi-industry immersion and entrepreneurship program. Ambassadors (rural high school girls) are supported with a mentor network and with ongoing outreach events in their communities.
  • Networking platform: An online community for STEM practice and thought leaders that fosters solutions to industry challenges.
  • Business intelligence: Data from rural Africa is analysed to better understand STEM engagement barriers enabling targeted interventions and informing sustainable resource strategies for the movement.

Taungana Africa is currently running a boot camp for girls called #UnleashingVibranium. It expose high school girls from across Africa to entrepreneurial STEM. The campaign consists of ambassadors  who work on real life challenges in their communities using science – from teenage mental health, early marriage, waste, water and many more issues relating to women.

The campaign focuses on solving issues ranging from farm worker occupational health, water and sanitation, child abduction, energy, early marriage, contraception side effects and many more issues related to young woman. To Join the Movement visit : http://taungana.org/jointhemovement.html

Find out more about Taungana Africa on www.taungana.org

Twitter @TaunganaAfrica #UnleashingVibranium

Facebook @TaunganaAfrica #UnleashingVibranium




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