Aviation Development Africa presents Boitumelo Katisi’s inaugural Aviation Expo.


On Saturday 27th of April 2019, Soweto will get to part of the first ever Aviation Expo brought to you by Aviation Development Africa in Association with Pilot Boitumelo Katisi.

Who is Boitumelo Katisi?

I am a Commercial pilot with Loutzavia flight school originally from Pimville in Soweto but located in Pretoria due to my flying.  I am 27 years old and a go getter.  I spend a lot of time on my phone responding to youngsters and people all over the world that actually send me messages on my social media platforms asking how they could possibly go about becoming a pilot or anything in the industry.

Aviation Development Africa

Boitumelo Katisi

What inspired you to host the aviation expo? 
I travel a lot around the country doing motivation and career talks as well through different organizations inviting me to come speak and one thing I picked up is how black people are not aware and have no clue about this industry and the great opportunities.
Many of which it’s mostly their first time coming across a pilot and some have never seen or boarded a plane before or been to an airport and when you address these kids they get so excited and end up wanting to be where I am.  I offer mentorship to them and make sure I keep them updated about any opportunities or funding you may find in the industry as it’s very expensive and majority coming from poor backgrounds rely on bursaries.
What made me do this event is mainly cause of them , this day is dedicated to them as much as it’s my way of giving back to my community and a late birthday celebration I choose to give back and let them get all the information they require and meet different professions in the industry and experience flight through flying the flight simulators at the event and some even will get to win flights.
Aviation Development Africa
Who is the expo for?

Our main target at this expo is high school learners from grade 8 up until grade 12

The purpose of the event? 
The expo is focused on aviation awareness and bringing aviation to the previously disadvantaged youth so they too can see that it’s possible to become anything they want to be.
Who are your current sponsors and partners ? 
We have managed to get sponsors from
  1. The Freeway Tabernacle Church,
  2. Tran-Source
  3. Public Investment Corporation
  4. McDonald’s
  5. Loutzavia and Bluechip flight school
  6. Centurion Microflight School
  7. Philamed emergency services
  8. Comair limited
  9. Aerosud
  10. Grand Central airport
  11. South African Civil Aviation Authority
  12. Nandos
  13. ATNS
  14. Sheraton Hotel
  15. Veritas Group
  16. Ndawonye Events
  17. Sunset Cocktails
  18. Spotless Queens
  19. Menno Parsons
  20. Protours
  21. Department of transport and many more still coming onboard.
Aviation Development Africa

Account details for donations.

What can learners and the public expect from your event? 
The learners and the public can expect a day filled with aviation , from all our presenters , drones , flight simulators, aviation company stalls , accessible info about anything they want to study for in the industry, give always from South African Civil Aviation Authority, wining flights , and maybe a big surprise with a helicopter flying in.
What are you hoping to achieve from this event? 
I expect to encourage more kids from our townships to consider a career in aviation, I hope to share a cockpit with many of them one day and meet them I. Aviation spaces.  I hope to share the knowledge and to certainly host this annually at different location all around the country and hopefully Africa.
Event Details 
  • Date: 27th April at
  • Venue:  Freeway Tabernacle Church in Midway Soweto and
  • Time : 08:00 till 17:00pm.

Send DM’s to @AviationDevelopmentInAfrica on Twitter or Email Tumi3bars@gmail.com for donations.


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