How far can you get on R100 fuel in South Africa ?


Wheels24 has published a list of the most fuel-efficient best-selling cars in South Africa and examined how far SA’s frugal top-sellers will transport you on a single tank of petrol – as well as how far each is capable of travelling with R100 (5.85l in Gauteng and 6.06l along the coast) worth of fuel.

This is a result of the recent record of fuel price increases in 2018. In October, the overall retail price of 95 ULP for motorists in Gauteng is R17.08 per litre and R16.49/l along the coast. Diesel 0.05% sulphur and diesel 0.005% sulphur will both increase by 124c a litre.

Making your money work

We’ve used the Renault Kwid, VW Polo, Suzuki Swift, Datsun GO and the Ford Figo (all best sellers) with claimed fuel consumption between 4.4-litres/100km and 5.6-litres/100km. Renault’s compact Kwid will take you as far as 134km on R100 worth of petrol and it will cost about R476 to fill-up in Gauteng, giving drivers a range of 636km from its 28l tank.

Fuel tank sizes:

  • Renault Kwid – 28l
Car Wale
  • Volkswagen Polo – 45l
  • Suzuki Swift – 37l
  • Datsun GO – 35l
  • Ford Figo – 45l


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Source : Wheels24 


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