Puma’s bringing back the RS-Computer running shoe


You don’t need to rely on your phone to count your steps anymore. You could use a 21st-century rendition of the Puma RS-Computer running shoes.

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Puma Comdex RS Computer

Last week Puma announced that it’s bringing back the “OG” sneaker from 1986. Though the model didn’t make much of a lasting impact back then, despite the tech being “extremely advanced for its time”, the RS-Computer shoe concept is an intriguing one, considering how technology has evolved since then, and Puma wants to make this pair of trainers an exclusive and covetable model.

The original RS-Computer shoes had a custom computer chip built into every heel that would record time, traveling distance, and calories burned and send the results to any Apple IIE or Commodore 64 using a 16-pin cord. Does that sound like a useful piece of tech that we could benefit from today? Puma seems to think so.

Puma brings the original RS-Computer design to the 2018 rendition but, thankfully, the tech is getting an upgrade. The only cable these modernised sneaks need is a USB one to charge them; instead of having to connect them to a computer to collect the information that the shoes record, they are now equipped with Bluetooth tech, so you can wirelessly connect them to your smartphone with the help of an RS-Computer app which will process all the data. To ensure that you still get that 1980s low-bit colour experience, “the app interface uses 8-bit graphics seen on original computer screens and inside the app is an 8-bit game.”

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Puma Comdex RS Computer

Like the originals, these shoes can track the distance you traveled as well as the number of calories burned, but now the number of steps you’ve taken can also be recorded. The sneakers will record 30 days’ worth of information which you can check out on your Android or iOS device. At the start of each month, the shoes will reset, but runners will still be able to reference all recorded data in the Monthly Statistics tab in the corresponding application.

Tech Features:

Sensors: Each shoe is equipped with a miniature 3-axis accelerometer, which is used to measure the number of steps taken, distance traveled and calories burned.

Wireless Technology: The RS Computer Shoe has a Bluetooth 4.0 radio transceiver and can be connected to an Android or iOS mobile phone. Once the Bluetooth is turned on, the shoe records and delivers data to the RS Computer Shoe app.

Memory: The shoe can record for 30 days worth of data. Every new month is a fresh start. Throughout the month the runner can access all the stored data in a Monthly Statistics tab.


Keys and LED Light Indicators: There are two keys, Key 1 (Red/Red LED) and Key 2 (Black/Green LED). KEY 1 is used to show daily step target status, which can be set in the RS Computer App while KEY 2 shows battery status.

Rechargeable Battery: The RS Computer Shoe has an on-board rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. The battery can be recharged using the USB cable provided with the shoes.

Now, if these sneakers are something you’d like to add to your shoe collection or maybe even rely on for your fitness tracking, you better act fast: only 86 will be produced in remembrance of the year that the original pair launched, each with a number one through 86 stitched into the tongue.

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