Western Digital Suspends Its Partnership With Huawei


Huawei has recently found itself caught in the crossfire of a trade war between the US and China. However, the US feud with Huawei has much deeper roots, stretching back nearly 20 years.

This is the journey that has led to the United States placing Huawei on its Entity List, which prohibits companies from conducting business with Huawei without special authorisation from the US government. This includes storage company Western Digital.


Western Digital has also suspended its partnership with Huawei and halted all shipments to the company says Nikkei Asian Review. The US storage company previously partnered with Huawei on mechanical hard drive and flash storage technology , along with providing flash memory for its smartphones.

A number of US companies have suspended their partnership with Huawei following the placement of the Chinese company on the US Entity List, including Microsoft and Google.

Western Digital CEO Steve Milligan told Nikkei that the company is working with the US government and considering a license to resume trade with Huawei.

Milligan added that the world’s tech supply chain is entangled, and suggested that this trade ban would not be good in the longer term for either the US or China.

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